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Abby (27)
출신대학  Philippine C..
완료수업 637 수업성공률 100%
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Welcome to English Suda. Hello! My name is Teacher Abby and I am here to help you to speak, learn and understand the english language to the best of my ability.
Ace (26)
완료수업 567 수업성공률 100%
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Hi! Welcome to Englishsuda.com where learning the English language is fun and exciting. I am Teacher Ace and I am helping students learn and enhance their English speaking and writing skills by incorporating their hobbies, talents, and interests. It is also my greatest desire to see students use the English language as if it is their native language in their day to day activiti...
ann (29)
출신대학  Adamson Univ..
완료수업 20 수업성공률 100%
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A pleasant day! I'm Teacher Ann, your new on-line English teacher.
I believe in the significance of learning English because it is the universal language.
It can be really helpful to those who loves to travel a lot since it’s the best medium for communication.

So, welcome to myfreetalking.com. Hope, we can achieve a bright future ahead!....
Thank you^ Lets study tog...
aura (31)
출신대학  perpetual he..
완료수업 0 수업성공률 100%
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Hi students, I can't wait to study with you and have great fun in our class.
We will practice and study English together, but lets make it a fun experience!
Tell me your goals in English and lets achieve them together. See you soon!
cathy (32)
출신대학  south ville
완료수업 0 수업성공률 100%
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Hello everyone, I’m Cathy a 25 year old professional teacher.
I'm patient, hardworking and can easily get along with people.
I have been teaching English as a Second Language for 2 years.
Teaching is my passion and I love helping students in improving their English skill.
I love teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation.
It is my pleasure to teach...
cel (32)
출신대학  Radiolog Sci..
완료수업 0 수업성공률 100%
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Welcome to Englishsuda.com
My goal is to focus on and help each student bring out their true potential with
the language & lessons that suit their learning level. I’m hard-working, patient,
and can adjust to your learning style. You‘ll have fun learning English with me.
So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and see the difference....!
eunice (30)
출신대학  southville
완료수업 493 수업성공률 100%
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Hello! Welcome to Englishsuda.com where learning English is fun and interactive! I am teacher Eu (유) and I will be your guide as you step into the exciting world of English. Teaching English is one of the things I enjoy the most because I can help others improve their skills. It also gives me joy and excitement meeting learners around the world. My mission is to transfer lear...
jaycee (31)
출신대학  perpetual he..
완료수업 2 수업성공률 100%
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Students, lets have a great time and learn English well.
I will teach you grammar and sentence construction and make your English skills improve!!
Join me for a class and i hope you'll enjoy it ^^
Lyn (36)
완료수업 665 수업성공률 100%
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Hello! Good day. My name is teacher Lynn from Englishsuda.com. Learning English is fun and interesting. In my classroom we will have Book day, Reading day, Spelling day and Grammar Activity day. It would be every Friday(Grammar Activity).
I see to it that you will not be bored in my class. If you're curious about it and interested, I would be very much happy to see in my clas...
Michell (35)
출신대학  Beatitudes c..
완료수업 576 수업성공률 100%
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Hello everyone welcome to Englishsuda.com. My name is teacher Michell, I am here to help you learn more about the English Language.Don't hesitate to ask questions if you cannot understand something and also its ok to make mistakes and having difficulties at first. Teacher is just here to help and guide you. I will assure you that after class you can expect that you will beco...

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